PressOnDemand- Instant Booking & Scheduling

“PressOnDemand is the first massage, health/wellness, and beauty marketplace utilizing the latest innovative technology. Users may instantly book and schedule a service provider to their home, office, or most location with just a press of a button.”



PressOnDemand is the first on-demand platform with an in-app store, powered by innovative, machine learning technology. Users can instantly book and schedule a service provider to their home, office, or most locations with just a press of a button. The design of the PressOnDemand platform eliminates the middlemen, making the whole service more efficient and transparent as well as saving money for both the service provider and the customer.


The PressOnDemand app enables service providers around the globe to trade their time and skills for currency through the PressWallet.  This unit of exchange powers the PressOnDemand platform as a usage token. A user-friendly app will enable individuals and service providers to interact and send payments from anywhere in the world using their mobile devices. PressOnDemand has a fully integrated loyalty reward program to create a user-friendly ecosystem for consumers and providers. Custom purchase options are available with each booking for the convenience of the customer and allowing upselling opportunities for the service provider.


As the PressOnDemand community grows, most developed regions and countries will be able to offer a service provider to the customer within an hour. While introducing the platform in wellness, massage therapy, and beauty marketplace, PressOnDemand will be scaled to incorporate multiple industries including home improvements, cleaning, computer repair, pool maintenance, and all ondemand services . PressOnDemand is a concept which combines the best of both worlds: a single point of contact for accessing an array of services and providers coupled with an innovative framework that provides transparency and security.


                                                          100+ additional service launching in 2019


          PressOnDemand - A new way business is done.