PressOnDemand is an application (app) and intuitive marketplace seeking to revolutionize the global consumer service industry. With the press of a button, users can request any service provider to their location within one hour or less. Built using the latest technology, PressOnDemand seeks to provide a more equitable distribution of value among our community members through a user-friendly ecosystem and strong loyalty rewards program.

The initial focus for PressOnDemand will be the health, wellness, and beauty industries; however, the app will be constructed to ensure scalability is possible to many other industries over time. PressOnDemand will selectively target and expand into industries based on consumer demand and feedback from our users, but it could initially include legal, financial, real estate, IT and home improvement and more.

PressOnDemand is a technology platform, whereas PressCoins are the medium of exchange for the rewards, refferals, and loyalty programs to facilitate transactions on the platform. PressCoins do not hold any value, intrinsic or implied, outside of the PressOnDemand ecosystem.

The therapy, massage, health and beauty sectors represent a relatively untapped billion-dollar market that is underserved in terms of its on-demand service presence. Through our existing professional network, PressOnDemand has also secured ambassadors and influencers within these industries to help make a high initial impact within this market.

  1. A fully hybrid marketplace accepting almost any type of payment.
  2. Highly scalable and versatile technology.
  3. In-app purchases and up sale opportunities.
  4. Automated sales and marketing functions for service providers.
  5. Fully integrated customer relation management system.
  6. A robust loyalty and bonus rewards program.
  7. Mobile simplicity alongside a full featured web user interface.
  8. GIS routing, scheduling, and waypoint routing.
  9. Reporting, tracking, and management functionality for service providers.
  10. Management and logic functions for the PressOnDemand business.

PressOnDemand is an automated, few-click tool for marketing, sales, scheduling, routing, contract generation, payment processing, customer relations management, reward programs and reporting. Service providers will be able to handle most aspects of their business through the app at a reduced time and cost, and they can also offer special store codes to bring clients directly to their profile. This will, in essence, allow service providers to use PressOnDemand as their personal business application. 

Even the best search engine optimization (SEO) practices struggle to bring paying customers to today’s providers. To survive in this fast-paced world, individual providers can choose to join larger communities to maximize visibility. The PressOnDemand platform offers this vital service.

PressOnDemand’s free, smartphone app provides one-click access to users’ health and fitness needs. Much like Uber for taxis, a therapist or trainer may be called to any location by GPS or manually inputted address and tend to the customer’s specific requirements. The online store offers a wide range of athletic and strength training products for delivery by mail or at the next appointment. Customer engagement, confirmation, feedback, gift/promo/VIP cards, fitness and health assessment processing, etc. is added to present an all-inclusive experience for any active individual. Other functions include but are not limited to:

  • One button “click” to request service provider to location (similar to Uber)
  • Automated SMS (text message) confirmation with arrival time and location for reference
  • Simple scheduling for future needs (planned events, etc.)
  • Data collection (name, phone, address, physical needs, area of concern, sports participating in)
  • Data request and handling needs can be made between health professionals on behalf of clients
  • Quick access to online and in-app store for all their physical fitness needs (shipped or delivered at next service)
  • Activity tracking complete with history and analytics.
  • Health and wellness guides in pdf, streaming video, etc.
  • Reminders and notifications set to a prescribed schedule (e.g., reminders to drink water)
  • Brain games to improve different areas of mental ability
  • Tiered subscription services.

PressCoins are a utility token for exclusive use on the PressOnDemand network. Usage of PressCoins will incur low transaction fees during the first years and provide users special access to rewards and loyalty features. PressCoins do not represent a security interest in PressOnDemand.

The value of PressCoins may fluctuate and do not guarantee any rights or benefits, financial or otherwise, to the holder.