PressOnDemand is a global goods & services marketplace that connects users with customers via a user-friendly app. Our patented PressOnDemand technology utilizes machine learning technology to securely transfer sensitive data and payments at the speed of light.

PressOnDemand: The new way business is done.

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What is

PressOnDemand is the now of business management and technological convenience. PressOnDemand as one of the first hybrid, on-demand platforms in the global service industry, the PressOnDemand app lets users search, schedule and access hundreds of service providers within a 50-mile radius. The best part is, PressOnDemand services can be ordered straight to your preferred location of convenience (like your home or office). 

And now, thanks to the utilization of AI technologies, all of this can be done via our safe, secure and user-friendly app. Additionally, the PressOnDemand Marketplace offers an excellent platform to purchase and sell high-quality products to potential customers and other individuals. The PressOnDemand app will be available for download on the Google Play Store and the App Store.


PressOnDemand's key features include:

• Access service providers (& their ratings) within a 50-mile radius 

• Instant access to data and medical records

• Real-time video & audio capabilities for doctor appointments & mobile visits

• Exclusive access codes for booking with specific service providers 

• A built-in encrypted messaging platform 

• Automated SMS confirmation reply with arrival time and location 

• Integrated customer relations management system

• Automated leads and marketing functions for service providers

• Reporting, tracking, and management functionality for service providers

• Click-to-order functionality for stored transactions and appointment rescheduling

• A marketplace where providers and individuals can sell their products 

• A robust loyalty and bonus rewards program for community stakeholders

• Client-approved information requests and data handling needs for specific service providers

• In-app videos for product reviews/guides and technique demonstrations

• GIS routing, scheduling, and waypoint routing for transportation services

Global Market Growth

In this age of convenience, consumers demand one-click simplicity in all aspects of life. Thanks to the $3 trillion turnover rate of the global service industry, PressOnDemand transactions will only continue to grow and expand. By growing and expanding with PressOnDemand, you’ll experience lower transaction fees and a greater confidence in mobile payment platforms.

Over $1 Million Spent in Over 5 Years of Development

100+ Services to Be Offered By 2021

How it Works

The PressOnDemand app acts as a portal to a global marketplace that carries trending, top-rated products. The marketplace also allows providers to do business more effectively via easy-to-use features that make booking, scheduling, marketing, reporting and tracking a breeze. 

Our payment gateway offers access to a wide range of payment options for clients and service providers by instantly processing fiat currencies and other digital payment platforms. 

As PressOnDemand expands its global reach, we aim to become the number one choice for consumers and service providers to connect, regardless of their location. 



Instant access to hundreds of service providers within a 50-mile radius along with their reviews and ratings.


Customers can book and schedule a service provider with the press of a button. Communication is also made easy thanks to our secure, in-app messaging system.


Our PressOnDemand Store provides access to top rated products at affordable prices.


Our team is constantly working on new features that will improve functionality, maximize security and enhance the user experience overall.


Our platform provides a safe, secure, and easy way for consumers to purchase goods, and for service providers to improve sales, raise retention rates and increase customer reach.


PressOnDemand has already been approved for listing within the iOS app store and is preparing to integrate our payment gateway with our point-of-sale systems.


Q1 - 2018

  • Foster community participation; test and fully vet the beta application.
  • Complete development of PressOnDemand application in IOS and Android with full integration of SMB accounting and payment gateways.

Q2 - Q4 | 2018

Q4 - Q2 | 2019

  • Implementation of additional service features within the app and full integration of turn by turn navigation, virtual medical appointments, and others.
  • Emphasize global market penetration in both developed and developing areas (e.g., Asia, India, Africa, etc.)

Q2 - Q4 | 2019

Q4 2019

  • Introduce and integrate a brick and mortar Point of Sale (POS) system.
  • Develop the necessary hardware and infrastructure to service anywhere in the world.

Q1 - Q2 | 2020


Contributions start in


Consumers demand one-click simplicity in all aspects of life. With the global service industry currently experiencing an annual turnover of $3 trillion, PressOnDemand can only grow with on-demand innovation and greater confidence in mobile payment systems.


PressOnDemand is globally scalable and operates with freelancers, entrepreneurs, and small business employees for most aspects of business - including programming, sales and business management in the initial stages of release. This keeps the operating cost low and the participation benefits high.


PressOnDemand has partnered with professional athletes, hospitals/clinics, health/beauty specialists, entertainers and celebrity brand ambassadors, as well as major media platforms. This gives PressOnDemand the potential to break the surface by growing this untapped market until it's scraping in billions.

PressOnDemand's global hybrid application will change the industry as a whole by promoting the unique features of hybrid blockchain technology. For providers and consumers, this means lower transaction fees and increased revenues



PressCoins are a medium of exchange that operate on the PressOnDemand marketplace platform. Additionally, users will enjoy lower fees on  transactions while using PressOnDemand. PressCoins operate as a utility for rewards, referrals, and loyalty and are not intended as an investment vehicle.  PressCoins do not have any value outside the PressOnDemand ecosystem.



The PressDebitCard will be the easiest and fastest way for providers to get cash for their work.  Funds will be available within minutes of completeing a service call or the credits may be stored in your digital wallet for use or transfer at a later time.  Providers may transfer funds to a different bank account as needed.  This card works exactly like any other debit card at merchant terminals, online, or anywhere you would use Mastercard around the world.


PressOnDemand will also grant service providers easy access to payday advance loans in exchange for future services.